Refresh or Replace?

A much asked question is do I need to replace my complete kitchen or can I rejuvenate what I have and give it a new lease of life? As you would expect there are a number of factors to take into consideration before making a final decision.

First think about the level of transformation you are looking for. Is it just a worktop change and new sink and tap, if so what work surface are you thinking of, granite or quartz, laminate maybe even wood?

Do you want to go further and change the cabinet doors, if you are looking at changing the doors to a different colour what about visible ends, plinths, pelmets and cornice, do I want to change these to match or could I look at some sort of contrast to save some costs?

What are my existing cabinets like, will I need new hinges and drawer boxes, perhaps upgrading to soft close? Are the cabinets actually really past their best and is trying to reuse them actually a false economy?

What about the wall coverings, are you thinking to re-tile or perhaps look at a matching worktop splashback or maybe even glass or alusplash?

Then there are the appliances to think about of course.

The reality is there is much to think about when pondering Refresh or Replace? Done correctly a kitchen refurbishment can transform an existing kitchen for years to come at a lower price than a complete kitchen.

Considering the above if you are thinking of refreshing your existing kitchen then professional independent advice is really essential to make sure you make the best choice long term.

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