Should I really share my Budget?

Often people are reluctant to share their budget.  The thinking goes if I share my budget then they will just spend it and probably a bit more on top.  Whilst it would be wrong of me to say that some wouldn’t do that a genuine company that wants to work with you to achieve the kitchen you are going to love for years to come certainly will not.

So why would a company ask?

To avoid disappointment and unrealistic expectations. 

It’s a bit like going to a car showroom and saying to the salesperson, I would like to buy a car, naturally the salesperson would ask do you have something in mind, you answer no (as you genuinely are open to suggestions and advice) so his next question is do you have a budget in mind again you answer no.  The salesperson goes off and comes back with a gleaming new top of the range BMW it’s got everything you could possibly want, all the extras, the lot, you take it for a spin and understandably fall in love with it.  Then you find out the price and oh its far more than you wanted to spend or realistically can afford without re-mortgaging the house or without selling the family silver.  That leaves you disappointed and maybe even completely disenfranchised with the whole thing.  In reality you did know what your budget was or at least you had an idea what you were willing to spend.  That budget or what you were willing to spend would still have bought you a nice car that you would have loved but with a little less in the way of extras but now all you can think about is the top of the range BMW which you wouldn’t have even seen if you had been honest about the budget in the first place.

When it comes to fitted kitchens there really is such a wide range of elements that can affect the price, for instance the material the doors are made from, laminate worktops or wood or maybe granite or quartz.  The internal accessories such as pull-outs etc, the brand of appliances just to name a few.  All should be of good quality but some are naturally more expensive than others.  Giving your budget will allow the designer to make sure they choose the quality products that fit within your budget rather than the ones that put quite simply aren’t.  In other words (to go back to the car analogy) they don’t produce you a top of the range BMW quote which only leads to disappointment but rather a quote that works with your budget whilst hopefully offering the must haves you require.  Sometimes you might even find that the top of the range BMW quote actually fits in with the budget so you can have all the extras.  Either way you should be happy with the kitchen you get and as a bonus you get to keep the family silver too.

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